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This is not a complaint by any means. But now I'm intrigued.
I used the PDF converter to make an mcsz file of a score for small orchestra. The result was all the staves were retained, but all the instrument names were gone. In their place, each of the instrument groups were joined by a bracket and relabeled. WWs were grouped together and called Part 1. Brass as Part 2. Percussion as Part 3. Strings as Part 4. One instrument patch per part. Four different instruments total. That is interesting in itself.
My question is if this is fixable? I.E. reassign different lines to different instruments. I have some ideas, none of which are worth the time it would take. I haven't had much luck in the manual.

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PDF import is a new technology (and 3rd party at that) and doesn't work well on multi instrument parts. If the original score is complex in any way, it typically requires more work to fix it than it would take to enter it by hand in the first place.

After I typed the above paragraph, I looked at the imported score and it looks rather clean compared to some I've see. Since I don't have the original to compare it to, I'm not sure how much work would be needed to make it better, except that you need to add all new instruments and copy and paste everything so you don't have 5 staff instruments all with the same sound. That's not too difficult. MuseScore can handle copying from the five staff instrument and pasting to 5 individual instruments. The biggest issue is likely to be the transposition needed for the wind instruments.

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Indeed, this is pretty clean. The software must have some awareness of instruments because it grouped them together by family. The clefs were retained but 4/4 was changed to 2/2.

This piece was created in other software. I was experimenting with ways to get it into MS. Mid and xml attempts did not turn out as good as this.
I'm posting mainly as a heads-up. I'll go the copy and paste route. I was just wondering if there was a different way to un-group things.

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Transferring scores to and from MuseScore using xml is important. If you find problems with this, please attach the MuseScore score and the xml. It is a rather quick process to tell you if this is MuseScore's fault or the other program or perhaps even a feature not included in the xml standard. The final one of course means each program does it's own thing with these items.

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Mike, here ya go.
1. The OE MuseScore file.
2. The xml produced by MuseScore.
3. The Musicxml produced by MuseScore.
Sibelius 7.5 is the target software. It won't even try to open the musicxml.
4. Sib error jpg is what happens when Sibelius tries ro oppen the regular xml. Notice it calls the xml an old version of musicxml. I select "Yes".
5. MSxmljpg is the result when the xml opens in Sibelius. There are at least 4 places where pages over lap. The workaround is to (in Sibelius) make the staff size smaller until the pages separate. Not a big deal, just interesting.

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ad 1. That score got last saved using MuseScore 3.1, better upgrade to 3.3.3, I'm pretty sure quite a few XML Export issues have been fixed.
Edit: the mxl and musicxml files have been exported using MuseScore 3.3.3, so you're in the clear there
ad 2. you mean .mxl, not .xml, right? mxl is a ZIP archive of an xml file
ad 3. .musicxml is a new extensuin, possible that Sibelius doesn't like that, simply rename to .xml
ad 4. Those MusicXML fiiles are version 3.1, there isn't anything newer, so the Sibelius error messags is plain wrong, you need to bring that up with Sibelius support

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Sibelius 7.5 is an old version. After that they went to a subscription format, which I'm not interested in. Sibelius support doesn't worry about my version any more. Much like MuseScore doesn't fix version 2, except by a new version. Not a big deal for me.
Again, I'm not complaining, just pointing out something that happened.

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2 things to note. If the problem is with import into Sibelius 7.5, Sibelius won't fix it, but that does not mean MuseScore is perfect in it's export so it doesn't hurt to look at the issue to see if it needs fixed.

Second, If you would create new threads for future issues you find, it will help others keep discussions separated. These forums don't do a very good job of that. If you do find a valid bug, it will be linked to the original thread. Searching this thread for the issue would be rather tedious.

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I was mainly trying the converter to see how it worked.

If you enjoy a (technical / geeky) challenge...
The Audiveris OMR (optical music reader) is open source and is what MuseScore's pdf conversion service uses.
You can download your own copy which will allow you to make your own tweaks and corrections from within Audiveris (before the actual export) to produce better output.

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