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• Dec 11, 2019 - 03:18

I have several measures that look like the attached where I have a half-note or quarter-note that two words or a hyphenated word is sung on a single note. Is there a way to enter lyrics without attaching them to a specific note, or how can I fix this, e.g. the first note (E & C) should be a half-note but since it has 4 words that go with it I put an 8th note and 3 8th rests to accommodate the lyrics.

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You wrote:
The lyric needs to go on the last half of that last note on the top staff. I have it as a quarter note...
then you wrote...
it is sung on what would be the last 8th note of that quarter note.

Whaat??? why do you have it as a quarter note if it's sung as an eighth note?

Please post your score as more context is needed.
(From your picture and description it looks like you want the lyric to coincide with the last eighth note on the lower staff, but be attached to the 4 note chord in the upper staff...???)

Lyrics are normally assigned to notes having both pitch and duration - that's how a singer knows what word (or syllable) to vocalize, when to begin, what pitch to sing, and for how long.
So, if you want a singer to come in on the last half of a beat, put an eighth note there with the correct pitch and attach the word (or syllable) to it.

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I think you understand what I'm trying to say....I do want the lyric to coincide with the last eighth note on the lower staff, but how do I get it appear there is the question. If I click on that eighth note to add the lyric there it takes the lyric underneath the bottom staff. I've attached another file. The lyrics are "Because he" and I want "he" to coincide with that F on the bottom staff.

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Unless you are notating liturgical chant music, I don't see why you'd be saying that is a half note. If there are four syllables being sung, that's four notes. But, as mentioned above, if you are notating liturgical chant (which does traditionally use a single note for the entire chant), Ctrl+Space will embed the space

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