I am unable to update my score

• Dec 22, 2019 - 04:26

Fort he past two days, I find it difficult updating my scores, I have tried severally and it is not updating. Please what could be wrong?
This is the link to file I want to update:
https://musescore.com/score/manage/upload/update?id=5135378. And the file I attached below is the reviewed one. Please help me out.

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WA_KALO_JUBA_RE.mscz 26.93 KB


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Try the attach using "File > Save online", it should update the existing one (now with the link to it in "File > Score properties > source")

"Save online" is always the preferred method, and often proved to wor when updating directly on musescore.com failed, you just need to save it locally too, after the first such "Save online" for the link to the score to be saved in Score properties

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WA_KALO_JUBA_RE_0.mscz 27.05 KB

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