Pocket Sax spelling and abbreviations inconsistent with other occurrences

• Jan 19, 2020 - 11:04

I have a number of questions / concerns (picked up while translating the latest instrument additions):

1 Usage of dash in instrument name, Pocket-Sax

According to
www.xaphoon.com & en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xaphoon
the instrument name is without a dash, e.g. Xaphoon Pocket Sax
Googling for pocket-sax only returns pocket sax without space
Suggestion: Pocket Sax

2 Convention to specify the key

Current: Pocket-Sax G
https://www.xaphoon.com/products mentions various instruments "in C", "in B Flat", "in D". E.g. key without "in" does not seem to be a thing specific to this instrument.
The two common formulations I have seen (applied to this instrument) are (with my correction from item 1 included)
* Pocket Sax in G
* G Pocket Sax (could make abbreviations cumbersome)
Suggestion: Use the "in G" convention

3 Sx abbreviation is inconsistent with other Sax abbreviations

P.-Sx. G (abbreviation for "Pocket-Sax G")
Comment: all other Saxophone variants are abbreviated to "Sax." Space cannot be a concern since there are longer abbreviations with Sax and others, and Sx is just saving a single character.
Recommendation P. Sax. G (no dash but a space since they are 2 words, Sax written out,)
(based on for example "Piccolo Trumpet in B♭"abbreviated to "P.tpt. B♭" )


If all other saxes are abbreviated as "Sax." without key, then why having a key for abreviated Pocket Saxes? And to avoid confusion with Piccolo, maybe use "Poc. Sax."?
And "P.tpt. B♭" should become "P. Tpt. B♭", space and upper case T

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"I would suggest putting the G in front, that's what we do with clarinets, trumpets, horns, etc. So G Poc. Sax."

I recommend against this for the following reasons:

a) External references use " $INSTRUMENT in $KEY convention
www.xaphoon.com & en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xaphoon

b) It makes the other keys less discoverable if you put them in front, and browse without a filter. The following has all 4 instruments below each other
Pocket Sax in B♭
Pocket Sax in C
Pocket Sax in D
Pocket Sax in G

vs having "B♭Pocket Sax" with all the other B♭ instruments.

c) Clarinet uses $KEY $INSTRUMENT. Trumpet, Horn use $INSTRUMENT in $KEY (there are 20+ instances of those in Transifex), so the $KEY $INSTRUMENT convention is not universal.

d) I know this is subjective, but $INSTRUMENT in $KEY feels more natural to me.

The only reason I can thing of using $KEY $INSTRUMENT is that it is 3 chars shorter than $INSTRUMENT in $KEY. If anyone has any arguments for $KEY $INSTRUMENT I would love to hear them.

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"If all other saxes are abbreviated as "Sax." without key, then why having a key for abreviated Pocket Saxes? And to avoid confusion with Piccolo, maybe use "Poc. Sax."?"
No, because they are not standardised around voices (Alto Sax is Eb, Tenor Sax is Bb), you need the key. They are similar to Tin Whistle in that regard.

I fully agree with the suggestion:
'P.tpt. B♭" should become "P. Tpt. B♭"'. There is probably quite a bit of cleanup that needs to happen.

I struggled to find Pocket Trumpet's abbreviation. Just found it. It is "Pkt. Tpt.". Based on this, I would recommend abbreviating "Pocket Sax" as "Pkt. Sax.", to distinguish from any possible confusion around P. being the abbreviation for Piccolo. (unless we decide to change the abbreviation for Pocket to "Poc." (like Jojo suggested) for both Trumpet and Sax), but I prefer "Pkt." (I am from the "throw away the vowels" school of abbreviation).

@Riaan: I still object to putting the key after instrument name in the short name. This is not we're doing even with horns, which have Horn in key for long names and have key Hn. for short names.

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Thanks @Howard-C , I see and agree with your point of putting the key in front of the instrument in the case of abbreviations. Have updated the PR.

Not sure what happened with the duplicate.
Jojo - I did a 'git commit -a -m "Pocket Sax improvements"' ; not sure if I had to change the msg or do something different. Glad it looks ok now.

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