Repeat using "R"

• Jan 26, 2020 - 07:00

This is from another thread. It is an observation, not a real problem.

Open v 3.4.1
In the default score that opens enter a quarter note on the first beat of the first measure. Exit note input mode. You might exit note input mode if this was a multi staff piece and you needed to go elsewhere in the score. Now select the note you entered. Hit "R". Nothing happens. Enter note input mode and hitting "R" allows you to fill the measure with that same note. Once again, exit note input mode. Select that measure you just filled. Hit "R". That measure is repeated only you didn't have to be in not input mode. Why not? You are inputting notes.

Here is a statement from that other thread:
"You are right that "R" will only repeat a single note (well, actually a full chord) in note input mode, because there is no way to do a range selection there. But you don't have to be in note input mode to use "R" - it works in normal mode too (both for repeating single notes, measures, or any other selection). Not sure where you got the idea that you had to be in note input mode to use "R", that's never true. Also I have no idea what you mean about the first click creating a rest. Probably best to start a new thread to discuss this issue, attach your score and give us the precise steps you are following, and we'll be able to show you how to do it correctly"

I have read this a number of times but it still seems to be saying two different things about "R" and note input mode.


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There are lots of ways to select a chord, but don't think of it as anything special - it's just like any other range selection, you make in all the same ways you'd select, say, three measures at once, or two beats. And indeed, it's not limited to just ranges of a single chord - "R" works on any range.

I would state it like this:

The "R" command is intended for repeating the current range selection - something with a box around it. Since you can't make ranges selections in note input mode - they would be meaningless and/or interfere with the normal operation of that mode - there is a special allowance that whatever single note is currently selected, it will act "as if" you had made a range selection of the full chord that includes that note, and will then copy that full chord.

Conceivably, as an enhancement, we could indeed also apply that same special allowance to normal mode.

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