No text shows on score....

• Oct 6, 2009 - 20:18
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

ALL text is EXTREMELY small, including Title, instruments, and staff text and lyrics and everything related to text.....

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I am running Windows 7 RC 32-bit, maybe this is why this is happening..... both the stable version of 0.9.5 and all the nightlybuilds of the future 0.9.6 don't show ANY text whatsoever........
Please help

I found out why this happens.

If I exit MuseScore and START the Print Spooler service from services.msc, no matter what startup type mode I choose, the text displays correctly. Could you guys PLEASE fix this so that MuseScore won't have need of that service running? I hate having services I don't use running in the background......

Status (old) won't fix active

Do you have a printer set up on your computer? Could you go to File > Print and take a screenshot to share with us?

I have already provided a screenshot in my first post, and, the problem is not if I have a printer installed or not, it is wether the Print Spooler service is running or not from services.msc

Could you guys PLEASE fix this stupid thing, why would MuseScore have need of that service just to display freakin text?