Musescore is a scam

• Mar 14, 2020 - 05:50

by the title you can tell exactly because only free users like us understand

omg they say the compositions and all the sheet musics are legit free and they promised for it, look what's happening next... when you tries to download a music as midi, it keeps showing you and forces you to use 30-day trial.

What a scam... please remove this site


To aid understanding...

The site is for questions about the MuseScore editor software itself - the free, open source desktop software, along with its support and documentation.

The site is for posting, sharing, and discussing MS notated scores; it is also for discussing the mobile apps.
Please check the url address in your browser to verify where you are posting.

Complaining at .org (here) about a latent conflagration at .com is like spotting a possible fire and then speed dialing ....the pizza delivery guy.
Simply put: it ain't gonna help.

Also, see:
which explains more about "downloads".

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If you explain "this stuff" in a bit more detail, someone may be able to help you. Remember that these forums on offer support for the MuseScore free desktop notation software.

And if you are concerned about publishing scores on the MuseScore website or a MuseScore subscription plan, that's covered on where you can try the forum there:

I would say it's fair, All this music at your finger tips sounds too good to be true if it's free. I would say a pro subscription is way worth the cost.

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