Cannot Open MuseScore 3

• Mar 20, 2020 - 14:07
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S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Click on the MuseScore Icon

2) The logo appears on screen, the mouse start spinning like in the loading mode and it freeze after you click on it reporting that the apllication doesn't respond

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I am trying to use Musescore for the first time and have the exact same issue upon installation of Musescore. I tried resetting to factory settings using -F, and -w did not work either. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

I noticed it is running in the task manager, but there is no icon that it is running on the task bar, nor is there any window. Clicking the Musescore icon again will cause repeated instances in the task manager.

I tried restarting my PC and it was able to start 1 time, but the window froze upon trying to add any instruments (about 30 seconds of being open).

What OS? Anything unusual about your monitor configuration? After a factory reset, MuseScore should be trying to start on your primary display, and the first thing that shows up would be a dialog asking for permission to send telemetry info. My guess is somehow this is getting hidden. Try closing - or at least minimizing every other window - to see if gets uncovered. You should then be able to go forward,. Even if you cannot see it, maybe try press Esc to see if that closes it. Do be sure you have the currently version - 3.4.2. Some earlier versions did have a bug where in some cases the dialog was very hard to get to.

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I have Windows 10 Version 1909.

I have both a workaround and a culprit.

I was able to successfully start and run Musescore 3 in Windows Safe Mode and turn off background programs till I found the culprit. The issue is the SteelSeries Engine 3 Audio Visualizer App which runs as Steel Series AudioSync (32 bit) in the task manager. Upon turning it off in the SteelSeries Engine window Musescore was able to start up and run without crashing. The reason Musescore was able to run for a bit when restarting the computer was I was running it before the engine started up, and then it would crash once the program started running.

If I turn the SteelSeries Audio Visualizer on MuseScore won't open properly, and if I turn the SteelSeries Audio Visualizer on once MuseScore is open it will freeze and go to not responding.

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Yesterday i tried opening a file written in musescore 3 (it didn't work the last time) and it opened but with muse Score 2 and said that it was unable to open it. But then muse score 2 opened regulary (it had the same issue of muse score 3)
Then i closed it and tried to open musescore 3 and it worked fine.
I didn't change anything from the last time so i don't know whatsapp happened.

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How exactly were you able to turn off background programs until you found out it was the SteelSeries Audio Visualizer? I'm having what sounds like the exact issue as you, but I don't have the SteelSeries Audio Visualizer, so I'm thinking it must be some other program. I don't know how to pinpoint it, though.