Replace zoom lens by a + and - buttons

• Oct 7, 2009 - 08:17
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion
by design

It would sure be nice if the Zoom button/icon would do something...... I am running revision 2168 prerelease for 0.9.6, and it's not doing anything. It would be cool for us to have + and - buttons for zoom, so that we wouldn't have to waste time searching through the drop-down zoom percentage list.......


sorry, I just finally noticed what the button does after I wrote this.... but anyways, it is highly unintuitive and I think it needs rethinking and redesign. Having a + and - button is so much more convenient, because you only have to have ONE click for the image to get bigger or smaller, and not TWO clicks..... because you are anyways already looking at the thing you want to magnify, so, what's the point in wasting time with moving your mouse around and clicking where you want the canvas magnified?

Title Zoom button (icon) doesn't do anything.... Replace zoom lens by a + and - buttons

I change the title.

If you own a mouse wth a roll, Ctrl + roll can zoom in and out.

Status (old) active by design

MuseScore supports the standard Ctrl+"+" and Ctrl + "-" buttons to zoom. Most convenient method is to use Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom. The zoom lens starts "zoom mode". If you press shift+left/right mouse button, mscore stays in zoom mode which makes it somewhat more useful.
In next commit i will add Zoom-in and Zoom-Out to the Display pulldown menu to make the functions more easy discoverable.