Crash when delete the default soundfont after trying to load a custom configuration

• Aug 21, 2014 - 19:10

1. Open the attached score
2. Open the synthesizer and click on "Load from score"
3. The soundfonts that I've saved to the score will not load (another bug I suppose)
4. Delete the default "FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3" to reload all soundfonts and sfz files manually
5. Crash

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It seems the failure of the load is the problem indeed. Not only did the soundfont you had saved (GeneralUser) not load, but it cleared out the list of soundfonts internally, so there was nothing to delete when you tried to delete FluidR3Mone_GM.

I suppose one reason the load might have failed is if the requested soundfont was not in your soundfont path, still, it needs to deal with that better.

The soundfont is on my soundfonts path (that is not the default path, I added another folder). I tried to copy the soundfont to the default path and load it from the score, but the load is still failing.

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

The problem is that the sounfont list in the GUI is not updated; the soundfont (if present in the path) is loaded correctly, but it is not displayed while only the previous soundfonts are displayed.
Proposed PR:

Probably putting these update lines inside updateGui(), which is called in other parts of the code is overkilling. I will let people with more knowledge of the code (Nicolas, Werner) decide if this position is ok, or if it is better to put this list update only in the relevant instruction producing the bug of the issue report.

Status (old) closed active

It's not completely fix. The crash was fixed but there are still some issues on the load.
I created an orchestra score with 24 instruments. I use Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, so when I created the score I configured the SFZ on the synthesizer and saved the configuration to score. When I try to reload the configuration from the synthetiser, now the instruments are displayed perfectly but the load of some instruments fail. Some instruments are loaded but some not. I have to reselect them on the mixer to be loaded and played (so the issue seems to be on the mixer, I suppose).