Key Signatures Don't Transpsoe

• Apr 17, 2020 - 03:41
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S3 - Major
by design
  1. Assign a key signature to a score with instruments in multiple keys; for example, b minor for a string quintet
  2. The key signature has two sharps for all instruments - including instruments that are not concert pitch. Horn in F should have G sharp and D Sharp.
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Difficult to understand...." a score with instruments in multiple keys; for example, b minor for a string quintet" in a string quintet you have multiple keys ????? everybody is and C
"Horn in F should have G sharp and D Sharp." No 3 sharps, if you start in D (Bminor) for the UT, the F instruments become In A so 3 sharps.

According the pitch button, everybody get 2 sharps (like your picture) or everybody go to his own key : D for the C , and A for the F

This happens, by design, if you have enabled Concert Pitch (see the button on the toolbar). Disable it to see everything transposed.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please attach your score and given precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Yes, I was having some serious difficulties on the keyboard I was using, so I apologize for that. I provided my corrections in the comments.

The concert pitch button fix did work, but to clarify for the others, the same key signature (two sharps for b minor) were present across all the instruments, not just concert pitch instruments. So yes, the horn in F should have G sharp in addition to the two already there, while the clarinet should have two extra sharps, G and D. The image attached clearly shows the same key signature - two sharps - across all instruments. A failure to transpose.

Thank you to those who provided the fix; this was extremely frustrating, and I'm grateful for the quick response.

Status needs info active

So to be clear: everything is working exactly as it should. When you want to see the score in concert pitch, you enable that button, when you want to see it transposed, you disable it.