Various type of edits change the measure count

• Jun 5, 2020 - 06:55
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When I move a rest in measure 9, it causes the measure count to change. Measure 7 becomes 8, and so on.
Basically, the pickup measure at the end of the second line, which is marked as "exclude from measure count", becomes part of the count again.

The main workaround I have found is to click that measure, uncheck "exclude from measure count", then check it again.

I have run into this issue repeatedly while editing my scores, and it's been driving me crazy, especially as I'm trying to match the measure numbers from another edition. When the measure counts go out of sync, transcription becomes very hard.

Other odd thing : sometimes when pressing CTRL-S to save, the measure count changes also, in the other direction - ie. it fixes itself.

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Do you need more scores to change the frequency to "Few" or "Many" ? Or other people suffering from the same issue. The bug seems pretty systematic if you have some measures excluded from count.

More scores would help indeed. I can't reproduce this in a score created from scratch - the mere presence of measures excluded from the count does not seem sufficient to trigger the bug. So it must be something about the specific relationships of these measure or some other properties. More scores would help understand what's common between them. But I've never seen this before, and don't recall it being reported but once, so I'm thinking it is probably something really specific.

I looked at my other scores, with which I also experienced the problem before while editing them. That has been 100% of the 4 scores edited so far with MuseScore in the last week since I started using 3.4 . All 4 are published on . I no longer see the problem with the 3 other scores, unfortunately. I will keep an eye, and if it happens again, will attach additional test cases.

After changing something, a re-layout is triggered, starting from the beginning of the system where the change was made. In this particular case, the system started with an "incomplete" measure 7, which is actually measure 8 but the previous measure was on the previous system and therefor not seen for the partial re-layout. Hence re-layout thinks the first measure is number 8 and all following measures will have an offset of one. You can easy correct this by placing a system break at measure 6. The anacrusis is now on the same system as the remaining part of the measure and now the numbering is again as expected. And will stay correct even after deleting the system break.
I'm working at a PR for this.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit bb057bb87e

_Fix #306333 - Various type of edits change the measure count

After a modification, a re-layout is triggered starting at the beginning of the
system. The measure number of the first measure of the system is taken adding 1
to the measure number of the last measure of previous system. However it was not
taken into account whether that measure was excluded from measure count._

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