Adding fonts

• Jun 16, 2020 - 09:19

Hey, ist there a way to add my own fonts to musescore? I've got the file and decent programing knowledge if it should be more advanced.


To be clear: are you talking about music fonts (so, custom shapes for clefs, noteheads, etc) or text fonts? Text fonts work already out of the box, just install them normally and MuseScore can see them. Music fonts you need to compiled them into the program and add all the necessary support yourself. The font would need to adhere to the SMuFL standard for it to have any chance of it working. And best if it's open source and you can submit a pull request to get it included in a future release!

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Neither will they be if you share them with anyone else that doesn't have those fonts..
You'll want to limit yourself to the fonts they support. Which ones that are, you'll have to ask them (istr FreeSans/FreeSerif/Arial/Times/most google fonts)

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