MuseScore_General.sf3 & MuseScore_General.sf2

• Jun 16, 2020 - 13:57
  1. What is the difference between MuseScore_General.sf3 38959kb and MuseScore_General.sf2
    210525kb are the sounds the same quality and that the .sf2 is uncompressed resulting in faster access?

  2. GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442.sf2 30545kb what is this like quality wise compared to above

  3. i see some samples are stereo and mono, how do you hear the difference. as once you have say 7, 8 + tracks
    its hard to hear.


  1. SF3 is using OGG compressed samples. The sounds should be the same, except for possible compression artifacts. The SF2 one loads much faster on MuseScore start, but of course tkes longer to download and needs more space on disk

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ah ha, i was getting artifacts, easy to hear, but difficult to pinpoint,
because i would export from Musescore in WAV or Flac 48000K, then open in audacity
in some places the artifacts were in the same place then on other recordings same piece, in other places.

I then reduced overall volume in Musecore before exporting this did seem to help ( i think)
then. Then used the .sf2 GM which has helped.

  1. With much difficulty.

I'm not convinced of the usefulness of stereo soundfonts, (since most instruments are close to being mono sources from a typical listening position), but it can make sense to pan mono sources to create a stereo mix. Perhaps there are special situations where a stereo font is useful.

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No, I said that instruments are mono. :-)

It makes sense to mix a set of mono tracks into stereo, e.g. to sound like a band spread across a stage but I'm not sure why a single instrument track would be useful in stereo. I find that a stereo mix of instruments sounds clearer than a mono mix.

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My humble opinion is about a typical listener, sitting at more than 5 meters out the central orchestra director stage point...

Is that people listen all the orchestra instruments sound with a real wide spacing stereo sound? ??? NOT!!!

What about the, sometimes, excessive reverberation of the room? ???

Can the listener really know and distinguish what is the direct sound (from the instruments) and what is the "ghost" bounced sound (from the room walls)? ???

If you think about those questions... A soundfont file with stereo sounds is... I don't know what is the right word, here... My idea is: Not useful at all!!!

Yes, stereo sound is a very good technology. It is a very nice to test our pair of "microphones" (our ears). But... In the real world... The things don't sound as the Phase 4 Stereo old vinyl records from 1960's decade.

In other words...

In a real stage, only the director can hear the full orchestral stereo sound effect.

In a real stage, only the pianist can hear the full piano box stereo sound effect.

In a real stage, only the organist can hear the full pipe organ structure stereo sound effect.


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I have tried quite a few free soundfonts in the pursuit of some nice guitar sounds and these have all been SF2. Soundfonts can take a few moments to load in MuseScore but once they are ready I haven't noticed any sluggishness, even on my ancient computer. I've had up to 8 soundfonts loaded in the synthesizer with no problems - although you do end up with a very long selection list in the mixer!

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yes thats my take as well, but i sluggishness only if you have say Steinway pianos 300mb, + orchestral 300mb

Funny enough once loaded Musecore 2.3 Win 7 64b 4gb Ram ran fine, perhaps a little slow on exporting a .wav audio of +/- 25mb about 30 seconds but it was ok.

All said 3.5 Beta is fast all round. except if using .sf3 once loaded ok, but when listening to Playback of a .wav or .flac you can hear little distortions or artifacts. so that as Jojo said is the .sf3 being uncompressed.

210525kb i am happy with it.

but is there a way to reduce the number of instruments ie take some out. as adding other soundfonts like i do say 8 or 9 the instrument list gets very long, and its a pain continuous scrolling & tweaking.

I did look at Vienna polyphone program but i could not get any where with it.

  1. The soundfont creator took care that the presets where it's most important e.g. the string sections are in stereo. But inside Musescore you can bring out the best of your music by tweaking the reverb and chorus effects. These have a huge impact on the stereo image.

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