Edit several verses but not the text

• Jun 27, 2020 - 10:22

I often have hymns with the verses after each other, so I can lead the singing (I am not able to read and sing when they text are on several lines under each other). If I edit some harmony that involves voice 1 in one verse, how do I copy it to the other verses without loosing the text? I found out how to copy notes only, but not how to paste notes only).

I guess I need no example file or pic for this question. It's ordinary piano/organ notes for hymns.


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I do that, when I copy, but when I paste in another section, it doesnt work. I chose and use filter to exclude lyrics, and when I paste, the lyrics goes away with the old notes that are replaced by the new ones (happens also if voice 1 is identical to the pasted one.

I have tried filtering and such many times and in different ways, and it never worked.

A sample score would help, but as it is, it sounds to me like you are saying you have music & lyrics now, then you wish to replace the music while leaving the lyrics intact? If so, easiest is to use Repitch mode (see dropdown menu next to the note input icon on the toolbar). If you are saying you literally want to copy new notes on top of the old, that will indeed lose the lyrics, But, you can simply copy & paste them back. Possible do that first, or you might need to use the "Exchange With Clipboard", or a temporary scratch staff, possibly in conjunction with the Selection Filter. This is where seeing a sample score would help us understand better how to use one of those approaches to best advantage for your particular situation.

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