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• Jul 14, 2020 - 08:44

I want to create a volta inside a volta but when I play back, the volta 1 inside volta 2.4 is skipped, so perhaps it's not correct musical notation ("Volta in volta" file). Basically, I want volta 2 to play through the volta 1 that's inside it, and volta 4 to play through the volta 2 that's inside it.
On the chance that you can't use a volta in a volta, I've included the only other solution I could think of ("Long volta" file ) but the problem is voltas 2 and 4 are quite long in the real score (this is just a sandbox I use to get things to work) and the only difference between voltas 2 and 4 is one measure, so having to write out the whole volta twice for one measure is too bad. Any other solutions?
Thanks for any help.

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BTW, when I say long, voltas 2 and 4 are each 33 measures in the real score, and the only difference between them is that volta 4 is one measure shorter than volta 2.

Even from your written description it is not clear to me what you want to happen and certainly from the notation it is not clear. Whatever it is you want to happen "volta in volta" is not the way to do it as that is just not part of standard musical notation. MuseScore will probably try to do something but it will most likely not be what you want. Perhaps a DS or DC may help, possibly with a coda. See if anything here looks useful. https://musescore.org/en/handbook/repeats-and-jumps

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I don't think a coda would work because I already have a coda.
To make things clearer I've attached a new file with measure numbering and I removed useless measures. These are the measures I want to hear, starting from the beginning:
1-4, then
2-3 + 5-7
2-3 + 5-6 + 8-9
1-3 + 10-12
As I mentioned, this is just my sandbox. In the actual score, measures 5-7 actually consist of 33 measures, so I'd like to avoid repeating them if I can.

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Hi Miré,
You seem to have gotten Musescore to play the volta inside the volta, but now it plays Volta 1 (the second one) twice. But as SteveBlower said, if it's not proper notation to put a volta inside a volta I prefer to avoid it.
You can see above what I want played.

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Not sure what you mean by "in the wild". I'll be giving the score to professional musicians for a gig. I want them to take me seriously, and I want the scores to be as clear as possible for the little time we'll have to rehearse, so if there's another way I'm a taker.

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I would expect professional musicians to ask for an explanation of what the play order is supposed to be if you present them with voltas in voltas. They will probably get on and play it once you have told them what is wanted, but they could well go away mumbling about basic music theory and such like. Sometimes there is just no getting away from writing out the same thing twice. Flow control in music notation is not the same as computer program with do loops, if, then, elses, subroutines and the dreaded gotos (thankfully!)

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If you plan to give the score to musicians, please do not try putting repeats inside repeats in any form whatsoever. This is the single biggest cause of wasted time in rehearsals in all my years of directing bands, as everyone tries to sort out what is meant and ends up in different places.

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