Dynamics not copying in 3.5RC

• Aug 3, 2020 - 09:00

When doing a range selection with notes that have tempo texts within said selection, if I perform a copy and then paste somewhere else, I'm noticing that the tempo-texts are omitted upon pasting in 3.5RC. Anyone else verify this?

If so, wondering how the heck that happened?


Yes; If there are two elements such as Text and Chord on the same note, one of them is not copied / pasted.

The team seems determined to invent new ones rather than correct old bugs.

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I think this behaviour is as it has always been (or since a long time ago - I can't recall it being different, but my memory is not what it was). Copying and pasting tempo texts along with notes is not always wanted, indeed it is not wanted in most cases I would think. Say I have an 8 bar phrase at the start of a piece where the tempo is set in a tempo text. If I copy it and paste it later (perhaps to the coda), I will most likely not want another tempo text at the destination. Tempo texts can be copied and pasted on their own if needed.

The handbook hints that this is the design behaviour - it could be made clearer there perhaps. https://musescore.org/en/handbook/copy-and-paste#other-elements

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Can you please post a sample score and steps to reproduce the problem with text and chord on the same note? I can't reproduce any such problem.

There was an issue in the past where existing chord symbols would not always be preserved correctly on paste, but this is fixed in 3.5 - see #298541: Chord symbols deleted on paste. But this only affected existing chords within the destination, it wouldn't have had any effect on anything having to do with what is in the source.

So again, if you are encountering some sort of issue, please help us reproduce it so we can investigate.

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There was also another issue in the past where multiple chord symbols attached to the same note didn't paste - see #297883: Multiple chord symbols attached to same note do not copy as part of range. This too was fixed, for 3.5. So that particular fix would not have caused new problems in 3.5.

Anyhow yes, we do fix bugs - tons of them, in fact. But it is indeed possible that along the way some other corner case got broken. If so, we'd need your help in identifying how to reproduce the problem you are seeing.

To be clear: dynamics (as mentioned in the title) should copy, and do for me. Tempo markings do not and never have, by design - no system-level elements are ever copied.

So, if you are seeing tempo text not copied, that's perfectly normal. But if you are seeing dynamics not copying in some particular case, please attach a score and precise steps to reproduce so we can investigate.

I had still yet to have my night sleep, so I apologize for the title's misleading expression. Excuses, excuses, of course. Dynamics in general seem to be okay over here.

Maybe I should be making a suggestion in the issue tracker instead. Back in the old days of 2.x, it seems tempo texts didn't even get highlighted along with the range selection. Nowadays, they do seem to be selected along with the range selection, giving, in my opinion, a false impression that they should be copied and brought over during pasting.

And although it is mentioned that this is desirable behavior in most cases, I can think of a few instances when it is desirable to have these copied. When applying multiple tempo markings on a phrase to get it to feel right related to slowing/speeding up, or if humanizing a situation for a few bars. If these bars need to be copied, this humanization is nice to have along with the copy to be further tweaked as a variation rather than starting out without any tempo texts. Or when copying an example passage from one score from the next, sometimes an initial tempo text sets the rate for that peculiar example, and that tempo then is desirable to be carried over. When attempting to do these things, I had assumed MuseScore would copy along my tempo texts with the passages, and their not doing so prompted my posting here.

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