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• Aug 12, 2020 - 19:38
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I am creating a MIDI file to share with my choir members after composing the score on MuseScore. However, when I export the file, the tempo (100 bpm) is only assigned to the first instrument (in my case Soprano 1). Therefore, whenever I try to isolate Soprano 1 from the other instruments (say, if I just want to listen to the bass part), the tempo disappears and it would playback at 120 bpm.

I have tried assigning the tempo to each instrument individually but it would always automatically be assigned to the first instrument. Is there any way to fix/go around this?


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Score needed, and exact steps to reproduce, tempo texts do propagate to all parts normally

BTW: why MIDI and not MP3? Or the score itselt and let them play it in MuseScore or even online on musescore.com?

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I have uploaded a sample score which replicates the same issue (try playing Soprano 2 and instruments without Soprano 1).

MP3 would be another option, but my choir is generally already familiar with using MIDI files as it is easy to track the score like you would by opening it on MuseScore, and is also relatively universally supported (they could play it back with a smartphone app), since not all are familiar with using MuseScore.

Just do this:

  1. File > Parts > All Parts
  2. File > Export Parts > MIDI

by opening the MIDI file on MuseScore and deselecting Soprano 1
That doesn't make any sense to me?
But indeed it you export one MIDI, import it back, then deselect the top staff, the tempo is gone and the default used, as MIDI uses the 1st track for tempo information.
That whole process is flawed though, see my procedure for a better one

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I attached some screenshots depicting my issue.

So say I am singing Alto (in the MIDI it appears as the 3rd Soprano) and I only check Alto, Instrument and Drums for me to practice my part, the tempo is not carried over as it is only saved to Soprano 1. Hope this helps.

Regarding your solution, I suppose that is another option as well, by simply saving the parts into individual files, though I wish to retain the "instrument" and "beat" parts into the MIDI as they would help my choir sing at the correct tempo and visualise the score a little. Though this I do know what to do. I was just hoping that I find the desired workaround to my current issue, as so far, when opening MIDI files given to me by others (though I do not think they made them with MuseScore), the tempo would always be carried over to each individual part

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The thing is, so far it's been a very convenient way to simply "play the desired instruments". Like I mentioned earlier, the problem does not exist with MIDI files posted to me.

I can just send one file to the entire group and they could pluck out whichever parts they want when playing back the score (say I open the file on an app on my phone, I just tick off the parts I want to hear and it works). It also helps in testing out how different harmonies sound like (Say how does the Bass and Alto sound without Soprano and Tenor)

MusicXML then? Better don't use MIDI to share scores across different score editing programs

BTW the Mixer also works on musescore.com, where you could share the scores (even with a closed group, if need be) and every choir member can access with a browser, no other software needed.