Chord playback with rhythmic slash notation

• Aug 15, 2020 - 00:25

I was very happy to finally be able to hear the chord notation in the latest version!
Works great and it was easy enough to change instrument from piano to, in my case, guitar.
However, as it stands, I still can't really use it as more than reference, since guitar strumming almost always has a rhythmic strumming pattern, so I would end up muting it during playback anyway.

I would like to visually use the "rhythmic slash notation" with chord notation above, and hear the chord notation being strummed in that pattern.

If I use "realize chord symbol" I have to redo all of the strumming patterns. If I do that anyway, and go through the music, redoing the rhythm, I still can't hear the chords when clicking "rhythmic slash notation". Only one note.

It's OK if even if I have to do it manually, but at the moment, I can't even seem to do that.
It would be great though, to be able to use rhythmic slash notation for the automatic chord playing.

I've attached a sample of what I would like the notation to look like and what I would like it so sound like.
Of course, some more natural guitar strumming would be nice, instead of the harsh plucking. The arpeggios are far too slow. This has already been discussed in the forum, though.

Thanks for any suggestions

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It really isn't meant to be more than just reference, but if you want to hear the chord repeat on each notated strum, just repeat the chord symbol itself, and then make it invisible. Click the first chord, Ctrl_C to copy, then click the next note, Ctrl+V, right arrow to move to next note, Ctrl+V to paste, etc. Then click the first chord you want to hide, shift+click the last (another new 3.5 feature) and press "V" to make them invisible.

I could imagine this process being more automatable.

Thanks for the suggestions. Pasting the chords on the slash notation and then hiding them is a good solution, I think, so thanks for that :) I agree that it could probably be made easier, and some more options for strumming speed etc. would be great, but at least it's now possible for me to use slash notation, while still hearing the chords.

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So once again, as I said, it’s just waiting for one of those interested people to step forward and volunteer. That’s generally how things get done. The more people interested in a feature, the greater the chance one will volunteer. So far apparently this just hasn’t interested enough people for one of them to have the necessary skills & time.

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Great! Check out the Contribute / Development page in the menu above for info on how to get started as a code contributor. First step will be creating your fork on GitHub and learning to compose the code, also checking in in Discord for further discussion. All the info on this is accessible via that link.

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