Midi sequencer is way to quiet

• Oct 14, 2009 - 16:45
S4 - Minor

I have noticed that I need to turn any volume knob in musescore and on my audio panel to actually hear the midi output in a normal way. The downside is that in this case all other sounds are pushed up.
As far as I see, MuseScore does not vary the dynamic play of the tunes.
How is it achieved? Can it be boosted by the tool? (Everything boostable on my side is already boosted)


Doesnt matter, I tried the build-in standard piano sound.
And I downloaded the fluid sound font mentioned at this page somewhere, the 130 mb pack.
Tried all suitable instruments, all too quiet (flutes and bag-pipes and similar)
As far as a colleague could tell me, this depends on the way the sound is played.

Can sb confirm that?

I have noticed this as well. Some soundfonts do seem to be louder, but overall I have to really boost the master volume on my computer to hear everything well.

Status (old) active fixed

Latest prereleases have a new synthesizer control panel which allows to adjust the master gain in a wide range.

Is there a release soon? I would love to have this feature but I don't want to compile from source since I don't want to dl qt sdk for that purpose only

I did all what is explained there. But when exporting a score in Midi format, I experience a very low level, quite inaudible. I try to correct this by loading the midi file into another software but, although the level is very low, the track levels are pushed to their highest by MuseScore, so I can't go further in the other software.

I like MuseScore but the exported files it gives me are useless. It is the first time I come across that kind of level problem. Is there a solution? Has somebody a correct level when exporting to midi?
Thank you.

Windows XP with MuseScore 0.9.5