Recommended – New forum sections

• Sep 9, 2020 - 05:11

I suggest that MuseScore add the following forum areas:

  • How do I ...?      A place where people can ask for guidance on achieviing specific goals
  • How to ...           A place where people can post descriptions of something they accomplished that perhaps did not seem initially obvious or that was not well described in the handbook.



I agree.
I guess the idea is that "How do I . . .?" queries fall under the Support part of section titled "Support and Bug Reports," but to me "Support" implies technical support, not how-to's; and most users seem to pose How-to queries under "General Discussion."
I posed the same question a couple months ago in the thread , which curiously just got a reply this morning.
>>>I may add that any "How-to" questions I have ever asked, whether I posted them under "Support" or "General," have been answered, often within the hour. Thank You, folks!<<<

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