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• Sep 16, 2020 - 19:59
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1) I was working frequently on MuseScore 3 these days. One day, I found that there was piano sound when I was playing guitar duet on the newest version of MuseScore. There wasn't this kind of things happened before.
2) I realized that a chord line using "Steel Strings Guitar" OR "Nylon Strings Guitar" sound would have grand piano sounds in some notes (some were bass notes, some were mid-high notes). It will be very uncomfortable for me when I hear the playback, please give me the feedback as soon as possible.
3) I made some changes to the soundfonts before, but after that, I uninstalled MuseScore 3 with that and installed MuseScore 3 again. I did not change the guitar soundfonts and I am not sure if it was the problem.
P.S. I want to know if I can upload the video.

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You are hearing the new chord symbol playback, which defaults to piano. If you prefer to change this to use guitar for this staff, open up that channel strip in the Mixer and change the playback sound. Or mute it if you prefer the chord symbols to not play at all, or disable them by unchecking Play in the Inspector and hitting the "Set as style" button ("S" icon).

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Thank you for your response. Actually I have already changed the playback sound as "Steel Strings Guitar" but it just comes out SOME piano sounds in chords. Also, I am not really want to mute the chords, since they are important in my music. Just now, I exported the score file as a MP3 file, and there are the same piano sounds, too. I want to know if I need to re-install or go with other methods.

There are two possibilities for the piano sound. You have chords on both instruments so you may have only changed one instruments chord playback sound. The other possibility is that the steel guitar sound font you use is poor quality and some of the notes sound like a piano. Perhaps a test by changing the steel guitar to something like the viola would help. If you still hear piano, solo each sound until you discover which one has the piano sound.

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Thanks for your suggestion. The instruments in the sheet are 2 guitars, I am sure about that so the former isn't the problem. After testing, I recognize that it is the problem of the poor sound fonts files. When I am playing the chords, no matter with which sound I choose, there are still piano sounds. But another weird thing is it only happen in some songs. Maybe I need to install an older version...

All that does is reintroduce the thousands of bugs fixed since, and remove a lot of really great features. Please don’t do that much damage to yourself. Instead, reinstall 3.5, and this time just be sure to change the chord symbol sound for all of the staves that have chord symbols. That’s where the piano sounds are coming from - not a fault of the soundfonts at all, just a new feature that plays chord symbols with a piano sound by default. So change them all to guitar as explained and you won’t hear piano. Or if you prefer not hearing the chords play at all - in other words, the way it was in 3.0.5 - just uncheck the Play box for one chord symbol, then press the “set as style“ button.

To be clear: to change the sound for chord symbols, you need to open the channel strip for each staff that has chord symbols, using the arrow at the top of the strip. Only then can you can the sounds for the chord symbol channel. So far you only set the sound for the notes, not for the chord symbols.