Editing Dynamics is Buggy.

• Sep 29, 2020 - 20:31

If you double-click on a dynamics-marking (such as p), you can delete it or write something else. However:

  • You can't undo a deleted p back into existence. It becomes a... weird thing.
    (Yes, you can undo if you leave editing mode... but not being able to undo deleting the p seems like a bug to me)
    ((Edit: SOMETIMES you can undo if you leave editing mode. Sometimes the dynamics just vanish.))

  • If you delete the p, you can write f, but it doesn't turn into an actual dynamics-f.

Are these things intentional? It seems a little pointless to give users the ability to edit dynamics if all they can do is mess things up.


Dynamic are special glyphs. To enter one press ctrl+shift while you press the letter. So in your example ctrl+shift+f will give you a forte though it doesn't set the velocity in the inspectore.

The ability to edit a dynamic is so you can enter things like subito f without needing a second text object.

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Ok, as I thought.

Btw, it doesn't seem that difficult to update the velocity in the inspector...
No idea what MuseScore is written in and what intricacies there are but it seems like something like this do the job:

If (dynamicsTextHasChangedSinceExitingTheEditMode)
~~~~if (newText = p)
~~~~else if (newText = pp)
Et cetera.
Et cetera.
Et cetera.

And it should be even easier if the language has some "case"-function.

For me undo works, but it might depend on what your font settings are. Any strange behavior on undo is probably related to the equally strange behavior if you try to copy & paste a special character like that or anything from the Special Characters dialog. Font info is lost, and sometimes the new font is missing the pasted character, so you get garbage. I don't fully understand what is happening but basically. I have learned to avoid expecting too much in terms of editing special characters.

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> For me undo works, but it might depend on what your font settings are.
For me, it's inconsistent. Sometimes, i can undo, sometimes i can't. Haven't figured out according to what rules it works though.

Regarding the rest of your message: Sounds like something that should be fixed. Obviously you can delete the dynamics and reenter them, but it still feels... not very clean and professional, to be able to produce those effects.

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