Did Melisma lines break in 3.5?

• Sep 30, 2020 - 18:04

I am having a problem extending melisma lines into other voices. E.g. the melisma line starts in voice 1 but expends into voice 2. I included a comment from years ago that shows what I mean. Back then, it worked but NOW it seems something is broken. The old comment included a score showing the melisma line extending into a voice 2. However, when I open the score in 3.5 (stable) I can no longer get it to extend into voice 2. Is there a trick to getting this to work?



I'm confused, you're linking to a bug report that explicitly mentions the melisma line is not supposed to extend over the voice two notes, and that this was corrected for 3.0 already.

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Ok, I misread the old comment during my search for this issue. But let me give you an example where extending over voice 2 is NOT a bug. You have a guitar and voice singing; that's it. The guitar can play multiple voices (usually just two) at the same time. However, you want the voice to keep singing that word to the end of the measure (over those two voices). How do you notate that if the melisma doesn't extend to the end of the measure. Yes, I know any singer will know what to do, but I want to be able to notate that in the score. Isn't that what the melisma is for - as an indication to the singer to keep singing that word until the next word?

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Well, a single singer can only sing one voice, so quite naturally a lyrics syllable it does do that voice and can't jump between several.
I guess you need a separate vocal staff rather than combining voice and Guitar in one staff, or need another, possible invisible note in the 'voice' that holds the lyrics syllable(s)

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Do I understand correctly? You have lyrics on a guitar staff with the singer using the notes in voice 1 of the guitar to tell him what to sing. You have them hold a note that starts on beat 2 to then end of a 4/4 measure but voice 2 of the guitar still plays a different rhythm. You get

Gutiar singing.png

and can't put a melisma on the last word.

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If I am reading your example score correctly, then YES, that is what I mean. I wouldn't be able to put a melisma after the word "Love" if those 8th notes are voice 2.
EDIT: I tried to do it with your example score and I couldn't do it. I couldn't put a melisma on the first word either to cover the first 8th note arpeggio.

example score.png

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OK, so this is a workaround. You wouldn't normally put the lyrics on the second voice. So why was this a bug, if this is the workaround (needing to put the lyrics on voice 2)? How I discovered this issue is needing to put multiple voices on the Voice staff in order to "handle" multiple verses that have unmatched syllables. See my comment at: https://musescore.org/en/node/311097.
Currently, there is no way to handle this issue unless you use multiple voices on the voices staff. Or, at least, I don't know how to handle it any other way.

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This issue was originally called a bug if you extend the melisma to another voice. I am confused about that. If you don't want the melisma to extend into the second voice just don't hit Shift+- to do it. Or was it automatically doing it without the notator wanting it to?

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