Imploding voice parts into a piano part

• Oct 15, 2020 - 15:18

I have a choir piece on short stave (i.e. SA on top clef, TB on bottom). Unaccompanied, but because my piano playing is not good I need to transcribe the 4 voice parts to a piano stave now and then.
So I have a piano instrument stave at the ready, and copy the bass voice part to the bass piano clef, then using Tools, exchange that voice to voice 2. I then copy the tenor voice part and paste it into the bass piano clef as voice 1.
Same for soprano and alto, into the treble piano clef, then remove the text.
I now have a piano accompaniment, fine.
But while developing the piece I have to do this time and again, to refresh the piano part, and this is time-consuming.
Do you know of a quicker way? Perhaps using 'implode'? But that implodes into one of the existing voice parts and so doesn't quite fit the bill.
Thank you.
Ali Wood


You can impolde the T & B into the tenor part by selecting both staves. Select what's imploded then copy the results in the T staff. Then undo the implode using ctrl+y or the button on the toolbar. Your imploded staff is still on the clipboard so you can paste it to the piano bass clef and your vocal part is in tact.

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The manual is already in excess of 250 pages which is a bit overwhelming as it is. The manual explains all of the features of the program but rarely explains details about specific situations about when to use them. The clipboard not being subject to undo is actually universal and I've used this trick in other programs as well as MuseScore. If every tip and trick were to be explained someone could write a new book with more than 250 pages in it...come to think of it someone did once.

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