Can I delete basic.mss and replace it with my own style default

• Oct 17, 2020 - 21:43

Or will this cause problems with operation of the program, upgrading etc. I.e. "missing style default."

I'd rather get help advice than to try this on my own.



Don't replace basic.mss because if it changes in the next update it will overwrite your work. Just create a custom workspace and keep that. There is a bug in 3.5 & some 3.5.1's where MuseScore was changing back to Basic workspace but that's been fixed in 3.5.2. See for the latest.

There is no such thing as basic.mss as far as I know - if you have a file by that name, you probably created it yourself. But indeed, you can create your own style default, just save your current style normally using Format / Save Style, then go to Edit / Preferences / Score and specify that as your default.

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