Wrong Playback Rhythm for 12/8 Time

• Oct 24, 2020 - 15:12

Has anyone noticed that the playback rhythm for 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, etc. time signatures is in correct? 1/8th notes should sound like triplets when using these time signatures, instead, they play like standard 1/8th notes. If you tell the program that the dotted quarter rest is a triplet, then it plays correctly, but this is not the standard way to represent the notes in a printed score.


I think you need to use either the 8th note or dotted 1/4 note to indicate your tempo. All tempos in the inspector are converted to 1/4 note BPM but if, for example, you use the dotted 1/4 note = 80 from the tempo text and change the 80 to the appropriate number, the inspector will do the math correctly so your tempo is correct. You do not need to use triplets in x/8 time to fix playback.

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by the way .... what fixed it was to use the 1/8 note = 156. I was already using the dotted quarter and that was what was giving me the problem ..... the actual timing was still correct, but the way the notes were played made them sound like actual 1/8 notes. I'll set up and attach an example audio file.

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