After repeat/jump chord symbol playback doesn't stop at Fine if there's no chord symbol at the start of the next measure

• Nov 2, 2020 - 17:54
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please check joint file; I had the same problem with similar files, sometimes play continues 5 measures in the first repeat section (normally forbidden) and than hangs.

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It repeats the entire piece 3 times and on a 4th round until the Fine, that's what the repeat barline, the play count property of its measure and the D. C. al Fine and the Fine ask for.

What do you expect to happen, or what happens for your?

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Dear Jojo Schmitz,
Thank you for your quick reply!

The last silence duration must be 1/4th and silent. If you listen to it, an unwanted "E" slowly fades away and this lasts during at least 6/4. Only after approximately 15 seconds the play function is disabled.
That is the problem! I have changed the duration of the last measure back to 4/4, initially programmed for 3/4 to cope with the pick-up measure, but the problem remains.
Can you please give me a hint to play this last measure as written in the partition?
Many thanks on beforehand,
Gérard Kieft (my first name was changed to gerrd when I subscribed)

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No, I managed after a lot of trying to make most repeats and jumps working. The handbook is not extremely clear on doing these things!
No, the main problem is the final duration and the persisting note fading away ofter a while.
The song should last 2:39" but the record lasts 3:02". You can check if you take the file and export as mp3 and than listen: after the normal timing the "E" sound fades away from 2:39 to 2:47 , followed by a silence from 2:47 to 3:02.

This is THE simple SOLUTION! Marvellous! After hours of restarting to write the score for no result.
Now I can continue rewriting this marvellous song and prepare it for our choir as soon as COVID allows us to sing together again!
Merci beaucoup! ;-))

Title After repeat, Musescore does not always stop properly at "Fine", bass sound continues and fades away, but play does not stop. After repeat/jump chord symbole playback doesn't stop at Fine if there's no chord symbol at the start of the next measure
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Workaround: change the last 'desired' chord symbol's duration via the Inspector to "Chord / Rest duration" or " Measure End)

Other workaround - finish entering the chord symbols :-). The problem isn't with the chord symbol itself but the fact that the next measure lacks one, but in both cases, that appears to have just been an oversight.

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I don't want you to do so.

What you have been given is a workaround for the mentioned issue.
What I have linked to is a code change that will make this work more as intended by default; so future users don't need to look up workarounds and use them.

This is how our issue tracker works; When that linked code will be accepted into MuseScore, this will also update this issue to mark it as fixed.
The issue tracker is not just like a forum post. Issues here remain open until we abandon them officially or they get fixed for real.

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Thank you for this kind reply. After having worked on machine language for APPLE more than 40 year ago and swithched to Pascal I have abandoned any code working except a bit of HTML for my poor website. I prefer putting notes on lines to make/change songs and combine sounds! But I'll try to integrate solution this weekend!

Again though.. there is nothing for you to do unless you desire building an unstable development version yourself.
What you're witnessing is just the normal process of how a patch is added to MuseScore. It requires no further action from your end.

The code maintainers will include this patch into the codebase for the upcoming 3.6 release.

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