request "Hide Empty Staves" feature be available in Preferences/Shortcuts

• Aug 28, 2014 - 15:34
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

I use the Hide Empty Staves feature a lot; it is a minor inconvenience to go to Style/General to turn it on and off. If it could be available in the Shortcuts tab under Edit/Preferences, so that a simple keystroke shortcut could enable/disable it, that would be very convenient.


I support this! There might not need to be a default shortcut for it, but people who use this feature a lot could define their own. I actually think it would likely be more useful than the shortcut for multimeasure rests.

Well, I'd prefer it not tu use H as the shortcut, as we need that for German notenames.
Not having a default shortcut for it, but allowing users to assign one might be the better choice

In General I do Support the idea though, I use switching this on and off quite frequently. And it'd be a good addition to 2.0.4 too


I support this shortcut who will be very useful for the workflow. Actually we have 4 clicks to hide or not empty staves. With a shortcut, only one action :)
Btw, I agree with Jojo-Schmitz, the shortcut can be empty by default and each user can define it like he want.

Thanks lasconic for this add :)

Just to be certain, the feature should still be available in its present location (or equivalent in the next release); this shortcut would just be another way of accessing it?

I will not bother to define (and document etc...) a default shortcut, instead I will let it blank.
Thank you all for your input and thank you @skunt for pushing me to implement this one.