Musescore suddenly wont open - black square instead

• Nov 8, 2020 - 23:01

I've been using the latest version of musescore for months with no issue then suddenly the other day when I opened up the app it starts to load as far as the "creating main window" text before a large black square appears covering up the blue musescore loading window. It then freezes. I can't even quit the app, I have to force quit it every time.

I'm using a MacBookPro running 10.14.3. I've not updated any software lately so don't understand the sudden breakdown of musescore.

I tried reinstalling the latest update again (though not sure how to uninstall the previous version, it just overwrote the version I had on there).

Please help.

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Press Escape to close the black box. This is a dialog that asks about your system. If you have some strange settings (like language or keyboard) after you press escape here, ask and someone can walk you through fixing your settings if you need it.

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