MuseScore 3.6.2 on macOS - black screen on startup and when opening scores

• Sep 19, 2021 - 14:02
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S1 - Blocker
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I'm using musescore 3.2 on MacOs 10.
It's working fine.
When I try tu upgrade to musescore 3.6.2, I get a black screen when launching, and musescore gets frozen.
It does not even open properly.


The error message is abut JACK - an audio library - and my guess is that isn't related. The black screen is more likely a dialog box being displayed using OpenGL, and your display driver may not support OpenGL properly. Try updating your drivers. If there are no better versions available, it can also work sometimes to set the QT_OPENGL environment variable to something that works better. See #297956: MuscScore CRASHES on startup for more info.

Meanwhile, though, hitting Esc should close the dialog, and it won't come back unless you revert to factory settings again - it's asking for permission to send telemetry data, and Esc says "no", and that setting is remembered.

Presumably an older score (pre-3.6), so MuseScore is now displaying a dialog telling you about compatibility options. You can disable that dialog in Edit / Preferences / Import.

Realistically, there may be other elements of the UI depending on Open GL as well. So best to update your display driver or otherwise solve that problem for real.

A few other users have reported a similar issue. I have linked the threads to this issue. Can you please provide your exact macOS version and MacBook Pro model year?

Severity S4 - Minor S1 - Blocker

Sincere apologies. Did not change it a second time. That was what the browser had when I did the Title change. You are correct, this is
S1 - Blocker - The bug prevents a user from running/opening MuseScore

Thanks. That version of macOS is supported on MuseScore. According to Macs and max macOS versions your particular model supports up to 10.15, not that it should make a difference, but if one of the suggestions is to update your display driver, updating to a newer version of macOS may achieve that.

On the first screenshot, in Terminal, I see "reference error: globalStyle is not defined". That is crucial information: that means that there is an error in the QML code for those dialogs. Therefore, the dialogs won't load correctly. We would need to figure out though why "globalStyle" is undefined only on some Macs, and why it does not cause problems with the Palettes (those are also QML).