New Item: Part Visibility Toggler

• Nov 25, 2020 - 19:46
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In case you want to Hide empty staves within system, always for one of your scores, yet you want some of your score's pages/systems to keep SOME, not all, of your parts' empty staves still visible.

Then, for this case, there could be a new item (Called Part Visibility Toggler?) that you can place on 1 part (so 1 item for every part on a system you want the Hiding option in Style to not take effect on) on a specific system, in a specific page. And just like a page breaker, it will affect the properties of only the specific part ON A specific system. So what will it do?

Its effect will be visible only when applying the Hide empty staves within system setting in Style. It will basically "tell" the line it was applied on (by line I mean the group of parts which consist a line of the part in a system) that it should ignore the Hiding option, when it is enabled of course, and like that EVEN if that part's line is EMPTY, it will still stay visible.

Oh, and it will be unprintable of course.

I believe this "workaround" is really fast (at least 10 times faster than mike's workaround and keep the score cleaner than mike) , convenient and makes Musescore (V4) be more professional, as it will allow more customizability. ;)


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Frequency Once
Reproducibility Always
Reported version 3.x-dev

I would suggest this be a "by staff" basis rather than a "by part" basis. A part may have several staves as seen in the first picture in Using System Brackets Like Square Ones. There are many situations where on some of the staves of a part need to be visible. This should be applied on a measure basis as well since a single visible measure will override "Hide empty staves" and will allow the flexibility to have only some empty measures to be seen when cutaway is set.

As discussed in Abilities Regarding Parts Visibility, making it possible to do this from the timeline would be a very logical step.

The workaround mentioned is to use a white or transparent text to cause the measure to not be empty. A non printable symbol would be far better since the white and transparent text cannot be seen under normal conditions.

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I yes I forgot a part can have many staves! Yes it should be per staff, not per part. Also I cannot talk about cutaway as I don't really know it... but if it looks like Stravinsky's "Variations" score (can be found on youtube), then I doubt people will want to leave ANY empty barlines visible. After all I suggested this for the specific case of not using cutaway. But if it's bigger hustle to make it NOT work for cutaway then I guess fine.

Now, I'm not sure about how it would work with timeline, but I believe doing it just how you do with page breaker, it will be faster and easier to understand.