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• Nov 29, 2020 - 12:21
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N button inexplicably stops working as enabler or disabler of note input mode and inexplicably starts working again. It's not the button's fault, it works perfectly in texts or any other mode


It sounds like you probably have another note entry method selected than Step-Time (Default). The is an icon of some sort the the left of the smallest note on the note entry toolbarl. There is an triangle next to that icon, click the triangle and click Step-Time (Default) and see if that fixes the problem.

If that does fix it, then note the fancy N icon and know that any time you don't see that, you're not in default note entry mode.

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It is not fully clear to me from this and the duplicate thread here: what sort of "button" is not working for the OP. However, I think it Is it the "N" key on the keyboard (in the duplicate thread the OP says the button "works fine when typing texts"), rather than the on-screen mouse-clickable note entry button.

It is seems this is an intermittent problem as in the initial post the OP says "N button inexplicably stops working as enabler or disabler of note input mode and inexplicably starts working". So, my next guess is that sometimes the OP is running some other software that is "capturing" the N keypress before MuseScore sees it.

It might help if we knew the exact MuseScore version and the operating system.

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The version i'm using is (that's what it says when i look it up in "About Musescore") and I'm using a Macbook pro 2012, on Mojave. It mostly happens when I open Musescore and when I create a new score. Saving and loading the same score seemed to solve the problem the past few days. Today I tried that again and it didn't work. BUT, while I was writing these last words, I decided to try it once more, as Musescore was left open in the background with the last score I was writing and it magically worked. I didn't change anything, the only thing I did was to load the score for the third time. Now the N key works fine, enabling and disabling note input mode. No clue about what happened, or what i did.

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It looks like the problem fixed itself but if the problem comes back, here are some questions/tests that may help someone narrow down its possible sources:
1. Does the problem happen with any particular score or scores? If so, provide an example here so that it can be investigated.
2. What were you doing immediately before pressing the N key and finding it doesn't work?
3. Do other MuseScore keyboard shortcuts work OK?
4. Does the problem go away if you only have MuseScore running and no other applications? If so, try starting other applications one by one to see if one of them interferes with MuseScore's operation.
5. Does the problem go away if all peripherals and communications are disconnected (midi keyboard, mouse, printer, wifi, bluetooth, ethernet, etc..)? If so, try connecting/enabling them one by one to see if one them interferes with MuseScore's operation.
6. Try knocking the dust and crumbs out of your keyboard.