How do I add a block of text below the tile/composer/lyricist box--conductor score only, not on the parts?

• Dec 30, 2020 - 23:12

Subject says it all--I want to add some context/description to the music, but only on the score. I have been able to add it [with some jockeying around] by simply adding it to the subtitle, but this appears on all parts, too. I looked at the handbook, but nothing seemed to fit what I want to do.
All help is greatly appreciated!


Add it to the score, then mark it invisible in the parts (select, press "V"). Best to not add this to the subtitle if you want the subtitle itself to show - better to add it as a separate frame text, so you have independent control of the subtitle and the extra text.

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I tried to add a text frame by clicking "add text frame" but there was no way I found to 1-. get it underneath the subtitle box, and 2-., write anything in whatever/wherever I got to come up. I am obviously omitting something? What/where must I click to accomplish this?

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There should be no need to add an addition frame.
Right-click within the frame containing the title (Ctrl-click on Mac). In the popup-menu choose Add→Text and start typing. The text will appear in the top-left of the frame.

Once you have the text entered, you can click it and use the Inspector to change the horizontal and vertical alignment to for example move it to centered bottom.

Yes, you'll have to mark it invisible in each part. But if you make it invisible in the score before creating the parts, and then make it visible again after the parts have been created, that it'll be invisible in the parts from the go.

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