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Hello MuseScore forum
My MuseScore program has been crashing multiple times since yesterday. In fact, it only takes a few seconds from opening it till the crash. I've sent in a number of crash reports in the last 24 hours, but it's still happening up to this moment.
I'm just in preparing for the production of my first composition and need to urgently add some vital finishing touches to be able to submit it to the producer.
What can be done about this dilemma? Is there anything I can do?


I'm guessing you're on Windows.
Reboot your PC and then run the installer again, without having launched MuseScore before doing so.

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Hi jeetee
Thank you for your suggestion. I've only come back to working on my score a few days ago after a long break and it worked all fine; haven't upgraded to the new version yet. I hesitate to re-install because from memory, updating to a new version within the same number (that was in version 2) meant that the new program overwrote the older version and I had to restore my PC to an earlier date to recover my scores.

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Hi L'Moose, I admit taking my time getting familiar with technical issues. I can see what you mean and I must agree. I'll have to give this another go. My current version is most likely 3.5.1. So would upgrading to 3.6 be a good way to go and could this solve the crashing problem too?

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If you just need some finishing touches, I'd advise you to install 3.5.2 at the moment; as 3.6 comes with a new set of stylistic defaults.

I had assumed you just updated and have since then experienced the crashes, do you mean that this is not the case and your crashes seemingly started "out of the blue"?

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Hi jeetee, that's right, I haven't updated my older version so far. The crashes came completely out of the blue. I was only hesitant to update because of an earlier misunderstanding. I think it's probably time to do so. Could you please just re-assure me that upgrading can be done at any time without any risk of data loss? Is it thinkable that crashed could maybe be caused by an older version becoming incompatible?

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Updating to newer versions never touches your scores. When changing between major versions (from 2.x to 3.x for example) you will get a new set of preferences next to the old one and a different default locations for where scores are saved by default.
But MuseScore never deletes scores; not when updating and not during normal operation.

If your crash came out of the blue, then there is a high chance that it is caused by the specific score becoming somehow corrupt. If you can attach that score (the actual mscz-file) here then we can try to figure out what caused it and/or fix the score.

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Bad things can indeed happen since the Alto Saxophone part is badly corrupt (empty measures), see picture below.

To give back a better health to your score, delete this part, and re-create it (I looked quickly, a priori, the other parts are healthy, but it's to be checked a little bit more). See your score after this (deletion/re-creation of this Alto Sax part): Off My Soul.msczInEb.mscz

As an explanation, I will make a bet about these known bugs now (#314935: Adding instruments on top of others whose parts have been created leads to fatal corruption. or/and #313664: Reversing the order of the instruments after creating parts leads to very bad result (corruption/crashes) fixed since version 3.6, since, for example, the order of the instruments in the main score does not correspond at all to the order in Parts.

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Hi cadiz1, so many thanks for checking this out! Strange, when I ran this score here, there were no obvious changes or empty measures. I have indeed made some changes last week and shuffled some parts around. This could well be the reason for the crashes, as your 'bet' predicts. I'll look into it asap. Much appreciation, Gisela

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When I clicked on the link above 'Off My Soul.msczEb...' my computer went into 'fibrillation' and was unresponsive to any action. Wonder what that means.
I think the safest way for me to go is to delete the corrupted file and redo all the changes in the previous file, except those that caused the crashing. Hope that works.

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"When I clicked on the link above 'Off My Soul.msczEb...' my computer went into 'fibrillation'"
Well, this file opens here perfectly on two computers (one with version 3.6 and the second with 3.5.2). The problem is not there.
Nevertheless, considering all the changes you've made (it will take time to look carefully at each part, I don't have it right now), it's probably more reasonable to put your score back in order, by recreating the parts. This will make it even healthier. Look at it this way: 1 Off My Soul.msczInEb.mscz

EDIT: I just saw your message, we were answering each other at the same time! Ok, good. But, as I said before, for my part, I'd rather start from the totally healthy score (second link) with refreshed parts and put back in the right order.

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"Strange, when I ran this score here, there were no obvious changes or empty measures"

Because the corruption is "well" hidden by the multimeasure rests :) To better checking, you must press "M" in each part (or by applying in all parts via Format/Style/ Score etc.) and observing if something is unexpected!

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