The new default font has unusually small whole notes.

• Jan 16, 2021 - 03:40

I like everything that was done with the new default font and text. However, I am wondering about the decision to make the whole notes so small.
It may be nice to have the option of increasing the whole note size.
Am curious as to why this decision was made.


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Yeah, I think it was with orchestra arrangement in mind. Let's make the whole note the same size as the half, to declutter and demphasize notes in large ensembles.
But with piano music there is zero reason to shrink it.
I disagree with the smaller whole note for piano music. I think we should be given the option of 'default font whole note size'
Anyway, best of luck.

The short answer is that Leland is based on SCORE, and that's how the SCORE whole note looks. As such, it can be seen in thousands of published scores. I realise it's a bit unusual so I'm not averse to providing a wider version. This could be a stylistic alternate in the font, though the functionality to access it as an option would need to be added in code too.

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