Measures per System

• Jan 17, 2021 - 02:25

Generally I can manage structured layouts in MuseScore using Format>Style> Score and Format>Style>Measure, or by "stretch," but I'm perplexed by the behavior in the attached score:

Slap strum -- Measure per System issue.mscz

I want two measures per system throughout the score. and cannot find a way to get the measure on line 3 to become the second measure on line 2. Initially they were on the same line; for the record, the trouble started when I added a vertical frame.

Interestingly, none of the other 2-bar systems are at issue. But somehow Musescore sees these two particular measures as "too wide" to fit on a single system. I've tried my various workarounds, but no dice.

Anybody know how to remedy this oddity?



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Thanks cadiz1!

Your observations allowed me to solve the problem! The score I copied these example measures from is a very structured ten page document. So this adjustment really helped in managing the layout.

For the record, in seeking a solution I did de-stretch measure 3 ... but apparently not enough times! Had I been able to see the property in the Inspector I would have discovered the answer myself. But with a measure selected I don't see any properties in the Inspector.

How were you able to see the "stretch" values?

One other question.

Can you tell why there's so much margin between the Measure Text and its frame?

   • If I use one word per line the frame margin is wide
   • If I use two words per line the frame margin is normal.

Any ideas?


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