Remove Corner Radius from Default Rehearsal Mark Style

• Jan 17, 2021 - 09:36
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Rehearsal marks in MuseScore have rounded corners, which is a stylization I haven't come across in any published score, or by any software other than MuseScore. Personally, I find the rounded corners on the rehearsal marks looks odd and amateurish.

This feels to me like a decision that was made a long time ago and hasn't been re-evaluated since, and if that's the case I urge the team to reconsider. Otherwise, I'd love to hear your justification for rounded rehearsal mark boxes, as it seems unusual to me.

Thank you all for all the work you've put in over the years! I'm glad to see MuseScore rapidly approach the quality of paid notation software.


I'd be very happy to change these to unrounded by default (like you, the rounded corners aren't anything I've seen elsewhere, or at least hardly ever); since every change I've made so far annoys someone and this didn't seem very critical, I thought I'd mitigate the annoyance by leaving it alone ;)

So if people don't have any particular attachment to the rounded corners in general I'd be glad to have it changed.

I've seen numbered rehearsal marks (followin the measure number) in a circle, by Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
But also rectangular ones, and by the same publisher

I guess in the end it boils down to a majority vote, having the default follow what the majority of publishers (or their published scores) use.

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In which case it's pretty easy; Boosey, Schott, UE, Peters, Faber, Barenreiter (etc) all use square corners. Plus it seems to be the default in all other software. Breitkopf is the outlier, and only for a certain period (their modern scores as far as I can tell don't use any enclosures, interestingly).

So deal done. Every default should be right more than 50% of the time. Or rather: it should not be wrong more than 50% of the time.
Question is whether/how to deal with older scores, prior to a changed default?

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Another interesting variation in the Breitkopf score is that the markings are duplicated, top and bottom of the score. I don't think this is possible in MuseScore (yet) other than by inserting text items.

Regarding boxes for rehearsal marks, my impression (not yet supported by research) is that the most common modern practice is to have no enclosure at all so the default for roundness of corners is perhaps a not too important issue.

I personally like the rounded corners, but am not really attached to them if the majority doesn't. I guess for the sake compatibility we could consider making this one of the defaults that depends on notation font (even though of course it technically doesn't), and leaving most as is but making the change for Leland only.

Right, but we don't have any mechanism for changing other style settings based on anything having to do with individual text fonts. It would be possible, however, to piggy-back on the existing facility to change style settings automatically upon changing score fonts. Which is why I proposed that but also noted it technically isn't accurate.

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I also like the rounded corners and am somewhat miffed at having my preference called "amateurish". I am sure that square corners were a lot easier and quicker for "professionals" to make when hand engraving was the only way it could be done, but we don't now need to (ahem!) cut such corners ;-)

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The modern Breitkopf scores and parts don´t use enclosures for Rehearsal markings.

Bärenreiter uses square corners now (they have also published at least parts with not-enclosured rehearsal marks, i.e. for the Beethoven Symphonies).

Peters uses square corners (but i don´t like Peters, their parts have hardly any cue notes (even for a 30 bar rest), the Choral parts in the Vocal scores are printet a too small (rastral 4.5 mm, 5 mm are better to read) - (I am talking about an edition from 2006).

The "Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag" (mainly Bruckner editions, pretty bad orchestral parts) has not-enclosured rehearsal marks

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