Unexpected and unwanted change of location of the "Close" function in the File menu

• Jan 21, 2021 - 12:34
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See description and some comments: https://musescore.org/en/node/315945


This was changed to match the conventions seen in actually all software I use, with no exception. See examples below. When I was a new user, I found it very unexpected that the close item was at a different place in MuseScore.
There should not be a risk of loosing work, because there is a warning before you close anything that is not saved.

With that being said, if people who use MuseScore more often than me say they want the change to be reverted, I will happily do so.

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So it is by design, a deliberate decission, getting it changed back would be a suggestion rather than a (major) bug

It's worth looking at other apps across other systems. I can confirm QtCreator puts close above save on Linux, although it uses a separator (relevant because there are three different close actions). Other cross-platform apps I have it below. This is Linux, and there are fewer "standards" here. But FWIW, the Widnows design guidelines for the File menu says:

"New Ctrl+N Open... Ctrl+O Close Save Ctrl+S Save as... Send to Print... Ctrl+P Print preview Page setup 1 2 3 ... Exit Alt+F4 (shortcut usually not given)"

So I am now inclined to agree this was the correct change for consistency with user expectation set by other other apps and for standards conformance. At most, we could consider the use of a separator.

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I continued to look at other softwares. Indeed, I noticed, a bit surprised, that the feature "Close" is most often close to the "Save" function. It is an antinomic function, however (according to my understanding at least) - see images below.
Indeed, I think that adding a separator would be a good solution (or a good compromise), as in Audacity, or LibreOffice (my favorites)
I even think, (if we don't want to go back to the order of the previous versions, of course), that this separator would be absolutely necessary, indispensable.

1. Finale 2012 (don't like, this display... and the program!) ;)

fermer ouvrir Finale.jpg
2 Guitar Pro (too close, lack of separator, at least)

fermer GP.jpg
3.PhotoFiltre ("Close" below Save, interesting)

fermer photo filtre.jpg
4.Audacity (with separator)

fermer Audacity.jpg
5.LibreOffice (neat, no possible confusion!)

Libre office.jpg