Opened FIle path is not remembered, when file is outside `Score`-Tree

• Jan 26, 2021 - 22:25
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S4 - Minor
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When a file is opened, that is not in the Scores-Folder of a subfolder iof Score, the attempt to save changes prompts a file save dialog, to save the file in the score folder, and i have to manually choose the original file name and confirm, that i want to overwrite the existing file.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Save a score outside the Scores folder (The folder specied at Preferences > General > Folders > Scores
  2. Close MuseScore
  3. Either
    3a. Open the file using a file browser (Windows explorer, Finder, etc.)
    3b. Restart MuseScore and reopen the saved file
  4. Make a change to the score
  5. Hit Save

Expected Behaviour

The change is written to the file created at 1.

Actual behavior

A Save...-Dialog opens and propmts to save the file inside the Score-Directory. If the opened file is selected a Dialogs prompts to confirm, that an existing file is overwritten.

Other Solutions

I can understand, it might not be a common case, that scores a stored at an other location than the configured Score-Folder. In my case i have several locations i store scores, that do not necessarily share a common root. I'm not against having a default directory for new scores - actually i think thats a solid feature - but i don't want to be forced to save my scores in that directory. At least there should be an option to allow the usage of other locations, without having to search the file, when saving.


Status active needs info

For me this all works as expected, and I've done this many times. I just tried again and it worked fine. So I'm thinking something else is going on here. What OS, what version of MuseScore?

I did some further test on an other machine of mine. It seems the problem occurs, when the file ís migrated from an older version of muse score. Both tested environments were windows machienes, but i'll do an other test later this day on a linux machine.

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Ok but then that has nothing to do with different folder, it is a protection of MuseScore to avoid overriding the version of the file for previous MuseScore version without explicitly acknowledge it.
This is a good thing.
Only drawback of that is that the file name generated at save time is (incorrectly for me) reinitialised to MuseScore default from score title instead of preserving the carefully designed file name by the user.
Luckily there is an easy workaround for that : do "save as" instead of "save" when you save for the first time the file with the new version then file name is preserved.