Keyboard shortcuts stop working

• Jan 31, 2021 - 22:17
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I have searched for this issue, but have not found it. Apologies if I misdirected my search.

Sorry, but I have not been able to reliably reproduce the issue.

It does, for sure, happen after stopping score playback with the spacebar shortcut, but not consistently.

I experienced this occasionally prior to the last update, but it now occurs much more frequently.

What happens:
-- Stop playback with the spacebar.
-- Suddenly all keyboard shortcuts stop working.
-- Point-and-click are unaffected.
-- The keyboard works normally outside of Musescore without having to reboot the computer.
-- This happens in multiple scores, so doesn't seem to be score dependent.
-- I removed the sfz soundfonts I was using to see if they were the problem, but the bug persisted using only the MuseScore_General_HQ.sf3 font.
-- I have once experienced an inability to quit MuseScore using the mouse when this occurred, but curiously the keyboard-quit command worked.
-- Saving the file and rebooting MuseScore is the only remedy I have found.

Mac OS 10.13.6
---- MuseScore_General_HQ.sf3
---- assorted Virtual-Playing-Orchestra3 sfz soundfonts

Thank you.


Status active needs info

Can't reproduce. I started play, hit the space bar to stop it, pressed N (which is a shortcut) to enter note entry mode: works
Same with mixer and soloing a or muting an instrument

Select a "pizzicatto" note and change its sound to "arco." How?

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Re: pizz - to- arco ... in the note properties menu.

I finally tried copying and pasting the whole piece into a new score. That seems to have fixed the problem. Apparently the template I was using was corrupted and caused the problem. It did hang once more but then the shortcuts became functional again once I closed the Mixer.

The spacebar does act as an "undo" when pressed directly after muting or soloing an instrument with the Mixer open--it undoes that change unless a note is clicked with the mouse -- minor annoyance.


There's no such entry in a note's properties menu. There isn't even such a menu!
Swtiching to pizzicato or arco is done via a staff text and its properties

Space doens';t function as "undo", but it does perform its standard UI function of toggling a toggle button. So if keyboard focus is on a control, space changes it from on to off and back again. That much is normal. The question is whether merely clicking the mute button should transfer focus there. Right now the Mixer is a mess in terms of focus and accessibility in general, so it's probably not going to make things worse for keyboard users to change that, and there is an open issue for it. But the whole thing needs a(nother) serious redesign.

So if I'm not mistaken, there is no actual bug with keyboard shortcuts here, just a question of where keyboard focus actually is after clicking certain controls, so we can probably close this as a duplicate of the existing request to tweak that: #315192: Allow space to control playback after clicking elements that do not require keyboard focus.. Assuming that is indeed the issue here.