Pecussion part

• Feb 9, 2021 - 18:42

I have a small ensemble score which includes several percussion instruments, but only one percussionist is required, since only one percussion instrument is played at any one time.

I'm trying to make a separate part including all and only the percussion instruments, but I can't seem to do it. It looked like the part of the manual that says:

Add instruments to a part
To add instruments to an existing part:

Select the part in the "Parts" pane.
Select the instrument from the "Instruments in Score" pane.

Press + to add it to the "Instruments in Part" pane.

OK, so I click on File/Parts and get a pane labelled Parts.
In that pane in the Select Part area I click on Bass Drums, and that item is highlighted.
But I cannot "Select the instrument from the 'Instruments in Score' pane" because all the instrument names in that pane are greyed out and nothing happens when I click on one.

Am I missing something?


How many percussion instruments are we talking about, and what are they? Unless I'm missing something, I wouldn't be looking at any tricks involving multiple parts or instrument changes, I'd just create one single "Percussion" instrument and make sure its drumset definition included all the sounds I wanted. Then I'd notate everything on that one staff.

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The score I have in mind has bass drum throughout, some measures of tambourine, and one measure of crash cymbal, none of them played at the same time. But how do I create an instrument? I can't see anything on the Edit/Instruments panel that creates a new instrument not already in the list, and handbook searches on add instrument or create instrument didn't find anything about this.

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