Remove "support request" category from issue tracker

• Oct 24, 2009 - 10:39
S5 - Suggestion

Could we remove the support request category from the issue tracker? The best place for support is the forums where the requests get many more views (better for the user) and do not clutter the issue tracker (better for keeping track of development).


I considered support request for developers, so perhaps we could change it into developer support? In the near future, will also host plugin projects, next to the core musescore project. And so, support request for development makes sense to me.

Perhaps we should route normal users back to the forum by having some 'standard' text in the textarea which disappears once you start typing something in the textarea (javascript). This standard text can also advice people to put in their MuseScore version, OS and steps to reproduce the bug. If that makes sense to you, don't hesitate to provide this text so I can put it in. BTW I can switch the text based on what is selected in the Category form field (javascript).

Plugin framework discussion can be carried out in the forum. Maybe a dedicated one.
As far as I know, developers are following the forum.
Developers can be reached via the dev ML as well as stated on the [[nodetitle:Development]] page.

I'm in favor of removing this category to avoid this kind of posts :
And have only bugs, feature request and tasks in the bug tracker.

Status (old) active fixed

I removed 'support request'. Let me know if the 'default text' would be a good idea to implement.

You might experiment with default text on the bug reports:

Steps to reproduce bug:

Expected Behavior:

Actual Behavior:

MuseScore version and revision number:

Operating System: