Selecting a fretboard diagram doesn't highlight its accompanying chord symbol

• Feb 27, 2021 - 12:23
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Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

  1. Open the attached file. Select a fretboard diagram and copy it anywhere.
    Expected result: When the fretboard diagram is selected, its accompanying chord symbol is also highlighted. Both are copied.
    Actual result: Only the fretboard diagram is highlighted; but both fretboard diagram and symbol are copied.
  2. Select a chord symbol and copy it anywhere.
    Expected/Actual result: Only the chord symbol is selected, and only the chord symbol is copied.
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You should be glad that the chord symbol is not selected when you select the fret diagram. Otherwise, you would not be able to use the inspector to edit the properties of the fret diagram. Do you want it to look like it is selected, but not actually be selected? There is no precedent for that as far as I know, and I do not think it would be a good idea anyway. There is no inconsistency as far as what is selected and what is copied. The chord symbol can exist outside of the fret diagram, so it can be copied independently from the fret diagram. But the fret diagram happens to include the chord symbol, so the chord symbol is copied along with the fret diagram.

Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion

That's a good way of looking at it, I agree. But it is definitely a bit of unusual case. I'm trying to think of other elements that include other independent elements within them to compare to, and I'm coming up blank. I mean, lines can include text, so that's similar, but the text is no a separately controllable element. Notes can have accidentals.maybe that's a better analogy, but here there is no such thing as an accidental without a note. But FWIW, sure enough, clicking a note by itself doesn't also select its accidental, but copying & pasting it does include the accidental, more or less (again, it's not really the same thing).

I would also note that in MuseScore 4, a non-homogenous selection won't prevent use of the Inspector. So it's definitely something that could be reconsidered going forward as far as how this works. And I might expect deleting a fret diagram would leave the chord symbol behind, but it doesn't.