Lyrics attached to voices > 1 in 1.3 scores reassigned to voice 1

• Sep 2, 2014 - 09:57
S2 - Critical

Started to use V2 and think it's great.

I have a couple of issues with Lyrics moving from v1.3 to v2

I just opened av1.3 piece in v2 and .....

1. Lyrics which are attached to the second voice are missing in bar 1 and 3 and 9 and others.

2. In V1.3, when I click on lyrics to amend, they are shown (V1) in either green or blue depending upon the voice to which they are attached. That seems not to happen in V2.

I've attached my V1.3 piece and also the V2 piece so you can see what I mean.

GIT commit: 1efc609

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Looks like 1. and 2. are related: if lyrics always get attached to voice 1 on import from 1.3 and voice 1 hasn't got a note (or rest) at that spot, it get attached to it.

I can confirm the issue with the latest nighly build, Windows 7.
The lyrics sylables seem to get assigned to the voice 1 notes/rests (which could be full measure rests), measure wise. If there are less notes/rests in a measure for voice 1 than sylables in voice 2, the 'excess' sylables are lost.

As this is data loss, I'll mark as critical

I'm looking at this. The basic problem is very simple to solve. But there are two lyrics in the posted score that still don't import correctly with my simple fix, and when I look at the score in 1.3, I can kind of see why. What I don't understand is how this happened.

Open the score in 1.3. Look at measure 6, the lyric "al-ways". Click the syllable "ways". Note it shows in green, indicating it is in voice 2. Now drag it. You'll see it is actually attached to the second note in voice 1 - on a beat at which there is nothing in voice 2 to attach to. Hit Ctrl+R and you'll see it snap into position underneath the note to which is attached, but still, it's the wrong voice. Same issue with "you" in measure 10.

If I understood how these syllables came to be the way they are, it's possible I could come up with some sort of workaround. Actually, I can try anyhow; I just have little confidence it would fix any cases but these. So I'd like to understand if this is something that happens "normally" or if maybe something funny is going on in this score.

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)

Here's my proposed fix. It handles the track info correctly for lyrics where it is recorded meaningfully in the first place. For the two "orphan" syllables, I make an effort to put them in voice 1 is if there is nothing in the specified track.…

I also discovered another bug involving lyrics & multiple voices while working on this - see #33956: Hyphen connects wrong syllables with lyrics in multiple voices. That bug also affects scores created from scratch in 1.3. It's definitely a bug, but I am a little nervous that there might be other cases I am not thinking of where the change I am proposing would break something. I think/hope not, but I guess I'm a little surprised it hasn't been noticed before now.

Title V2 Lyrics Conversion issues and request.
Status (old) patch (code needs review) needs info

Couple of issues ..... 1: Anything written in 1.3 can not be opened in 2.0 even if it only 2 days old.
maybe it's an issue with my windows 8.1...I don't know, but I don't want to have to rewrite any previous work.
2: Lyric editing of font types and size as used in 1.3 (right click on word to text properties) no longer available, (could be different access not yet documented)
3: 8va previously in palette under "Lines" no longer exists, but a rough version using dotted lines turns up elsewhere. (Usually it should be a solid line)
4: Under tremolo's, could we get four similar sets of lines added, that fit between two pairs of notes. They should be stretchable and adjustable to run parallel to the notes beam. (Reference see Oscar Petersen's Hymn to Freedom)
Thanks for a great job, I'm no programmer but you guys must have worked your butts off doing this..Fantastic


Title Conversion issues and request. V2 Lyrics
Status (old) needs info patch (code needs review)

Please don't hijack an widely unrelated issue, either create a new one (one for each of your Points) or, better, first discuss in the technology preview Forum

Anything written in 1.x can get opened in 2.0, if you have a score that does not, please show it.

Title V2 Lyrics Lyrics attached to voices > 1 in 1.3 scores reassigned to voice 1

Thanks for the kind words, but please don't hijack existing issues in the database to ask new unrelated questions. These questions are better suited as new threads in the Technology Preview forum. This issue is for tracking the specific bug involving importing of lyrics attached to voices > 1 in scores imported from 1.3.

If you are having trouble opening a particular 1.3 scores in a Beta or nightly or other experimental development build, please start a new thread in the Technology Preview forum and attach the score you are having problems with. In general, scores from 1.3 *do* open just fine in 2.0.

Text properties i the right click menu do still work for lyrics, so again, if you have a particular score where you have a problem, please start a separate thread in the Technology Preview forum and post the score you are having problems and the *exact* steps you are following.

Line Properties are found in the Inspector, so if you wish to change a dotted line into a solid one, use the Inspector. But dashed lines are the standard for ottavas, which is why the default has been changed.