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• Mar 22, 2021 - 04:43
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I'm running Musescore 3.6.2 on macOS Catalina, and antialiasing isn't working for all of the text in the score. Notes, slurs, clefs, etc. all look fine, but all of the text, including the dynamics, just isn't working with antialiasing. Changing the setting in preferences doesn't change it either. With the exact same Musescore files on my laptop, which is running Linux, everything looks great, so it's probably not an issue with the Musescore files. I tried reinstalling Musescore and deleting all the caches, but that didn't fix it either.

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And yet I don't see any other reports of this, so I imagine it has to be something pretty specific to your system, whether about the graphics driver or something else. I recommend asking for help on the Support forum and including as many system details as you can, maybe someone with more macOS sysadmin experience can make suggestions as to what settings you might need to change.

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Hi Marc,

I have strange issues with AA as well that might be related.

The first image (One.png) is a screen capture from my desktop (MuseScore 3.6.2 AppImage, Linux 5.11, nVidia drivers, KDE desktop) which renders the text and staff objects with AA just fine, but totally mucks up the notes and rests.

The second image is using MuseScore's "image capture" function, and in the resulting PNG, everything is AA'ed correctly!

I then decided to try the latest AppImage nightly, and surprisingly, everything renders correctly there... though the nightly is basically unusable for me due to the navigator and such being completely empty. :)

I honestly have no idea what could be going on here - I've played with every AA setting I could find in KDE, I've tried my Intel embedded video chipset versus my nvidia card, and nothing fixes it.

I wonder if there was a fix implemented for this between 3.6.2 and this nightly?

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