[V2] Strange PDFs in some readers

• Sep 2, 2014 - 14:53
S4 - Minor

I noticed, that when I open PDFs generated in MuseScore v2 (Beta of nightly, doesen't matter), the strokes of notes are moved right (or heads and beams are moved left).
This problem occurs in Adobe Reader X and Chrome; doesen't occurs in Firefox.

Versions of programs:
Adobe Reader X: v
Google Chrome: v 37.0.2062.102 (64-bit)
Mozilla Firefox: v 31.0

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Not exactly. If i switch to Emmentaler, all steams, beams and heads are back together, but there's a problem with dots in repeat bars. Also beams does not fits perfectly to steams. Seems it's more a problem with glyphs than with PDFs.

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Do you perhaps have an older / incompatible version of Emmentalr (Mscore / Mscore1) installed on your system? it looks from the picture like you do. You shouldn't have it installed at all - it's supposed to be compiled in. But some people on Linux Fedora apparently have a package of MuseScore 1.3 that erroneously installed these fonts.

Status (old) active duplicate

I removed all Mscore font I've got, reinstalled MuseScore 2 and now Emmentaler works fine. Now it's clear that this is a duplicate of issue you mentioned before.
Thank you for help.