Stem protrusion in Gonville

• Apr 8, 2021 - 08:54
Reported version
Ergonomical (UX)
S3 - Major

Make score and switch to Gonville: Notes show this unbecoming look (the stem protrudes and there's a gap between the note and the staff line:

gonville stem and gap for staff.png

in 3.5.2 the default Gonville font looked way better as:

Bravura seems to not have this problem, as in 3.6.2 it looks still like this:
bravura no stem gap.png

[Personal note]: It's kind of a bummer that 3.6.2 is like this with Gonville for some reason since Leland was implemented (about that time anyways), and now that there's supposed to be no update between 3.6.2 and 4.0 which might take quite a while. It would be nice if someone could fix this regression and at least give it through Nightlies or something, since I use Gonville and now I have to use 3.5.2 in order for the printout to look more appropriate.


Thanks for the links.

P.S., the gap between notehead and staff is apparently from a change in defaults loaded for the font (0.08sp instead of how it used to be: 0.12sp) for staff, and a few other changes. Don't see the need for the change though. Although that won't help with the stem protrusion, at least there won't be that "gap" if a few defaults are set back to how they are before the regression.

The images are results from fonts with the check for "Automatically load style settings based on font", so probably.
Maybe the bounding box updates found in that linked PR were appropriate, but the stem+staff changes weren't? Either way, imo it looks obviously more appropriate without the gap between notehead+staffline, which is practically eradicated by using again 0.12 and 0.13 for thickness.

Haven't recently looked at 3.x's code to see what the cause of the protrusion is for the stem length, but either way the master branch also needs to be cleared of this, but I haven't checked that either.