figured bass : can't manage to change duration

• Apr 21, 2021 - 05:14

Hello, I hope somebody can help me - couldn't find the answer to my problem.
I am trying to change the duration of a figured bass to be able to enter two quarter note figures under a half note. In the help manual i can see that i am supposed to use cmd+5, but it doesn't work. I am on a mac (macbook air), using numerical pad. With the numerical pad it simply writes down "5" as if I hadn't pressed the cmd key. I tried to use the macbook keyboard but then i have to press cmd+shift+5 (i am on a french keyboard) which opens the screenshot window. I also tried to change the keyboard to american and it does nothing.
Any idea ?


Did you try Ctrl? Does Cmd+5 work for chord symbols or Roman numeral analysis?

It should be possible to customize the shortcut, it's listed in preferences as "Advance of a quarter note".

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