Hiding or deleting only the initial Bracket

• Apr 24, 2021 - 18:13

Hey guys
I would need to delete only the initial bracket in this piece i'm transcribing. (the one marked in the photo)
Is it possible to achieve it? I dont seem to find the Visibility checkbox as in other elements and if i delete it, it removes all the brackets from the score, while i need to keep the other ones. I managed to get everything else done in musescore but din't find the solution for this problem. I tried inserting a bracket at the second bar but it puts it at the start anyway.

The final result should be something like this, provided by my professors who used finale.


It's not possibly to do currently, at least not directly. There are a number of workarounds you could employ, though. Maybe easiest is add a horizontal frame in front of that, then paste in an opaque white graphic and position it to cover the bracket.

If you need further help, please attach your actual score instead of just a picture so we can understand and assist better.

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If you are going to work with PDFs - rather than musescore, then you can import the PDF into a graphics program. Take a copy - on a layer and isolate the bracket and delete everything else. Then fill the bracket with whatever matching colour you want in order to hide it, and set "everything else" to transparent. Create a new graphics file with transparency - e.g. GIF, TIFF or PNG - PNG is probably best.

Then in put the original PDF again, and put the bracket with the different colour over the top making sure it lined up.

This can also be done with MuseScore, but if your end product is PDF - this process will give you approximately what you want. It will probably leave very small gaps, but they won't be very noticeable.

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